Optimal 12-Week Fight Camp Blueprint

A Guide to Programming S&C for Superior Athleticism & Ring Dominance

Plan your strength and conditioning effectively, and you’ll become an athletically dominant fighter in the long-term, no matter where you’re starting out now.

You’ll surpass anyone who doesn’t abide by scientific principles in their training. It’s just a matter of time and putting in the work.

I know it can be confusing to figure all this out, so I’ve put this "Optimal Fight Camp Blueprint" together into a PDF guide to help you plan your training.

...Program your fight camps like a world-class professional – optimised training and recovery cycles ensure maximum training efficiency and athletic gains

...Seamlessly integrate strength training, cardio, and Muay Thai (including drills, bagwork, padwork, and sparring) – learn how to minimise fatigue without sacrificing performance or training quality

...Learn the exact types of exercises, sets, and rep schemes needed to create fight-specific athletic adaptations… and how to avoid training schemes that make you a slow, bulky, or awkward fighter

...Includes guidelines on how to optimise shorter fight camps: 10-week, 8-week, 6-week, 4-week, and even 2-week fight camps (in case you ever choose to take a fight on short notice)

Hope it helps, and I look forward to hearing how it works out for you!

Where would you like me to send your Optimal 12-Week Fight Camp Blueprint?

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